September 10, 2014

Social Media in Schools

Posted By iemanueli


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The use of social media should be excluded from schools. Society has made the excessive use of the internet a major part of their everyday living. Although this is what society has become, schools shouldn’t become the same. Social media and the excessive use of the internet puts the kids lives at risk in many ways. Kids are literally losing their lives and minds because of the way society now utilizes the internet. Schools shouldn’t partake in the destruction of the youths in any form.

Social media and the excessive use of the internet corrupts the minds of the youths and it also urges them to engage in very inappropriate activities. Social media and internet use should be left up to the parents. Just because society has made social media part of their daily living, that doesn’t mean that the schools should make it part of the curriculum. We should be trying to create great minds, not average or small minds.

Social media and the excessive use of the internet should be a personal/private preference, not a part the school curriculum. Schools should represent better living standards to students. Social media is terrible in various of ways such as, but not limited to: causes poor attention span, gossiping disorders, addictive behaviors, lost of intelligence, poor physical health, and etc. Schools should do whatever it takes to protect the minds of the students.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”